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I've made it my personal mission to help aspiring individuals start a business they will love building. Because there's nothing more fulfilling than when you deeply care about what you do.

In the last 10 years, I've worked on hundreds of projects, led dozens of teams, and started a few of my own businesses. I've had the opportunity to help my family, friends, colleagues and like-minded people launch, grow and develop their businesses.

But more importantly, I've met people working their asses off, putting everything on the line, and spending their best years trying to build a business. I've witnessed some of them becoming wildly successful and some fizzling out.

Too often I've seen entrepreneurs hitting roadblocks, searching for a direction to take a step forward.

Consider this website as my helping hand. It's the melting pot of information to help you build something meaningful, something you will have cared building.


Nobody else comes to mind when thinking about experts of all the new digital channels that changed our world in the last 5 years. Zoran is always on-top with new trends.

- Klemen Selakovic, Award-winning UI/UX Designer
vito h. martin

Zoran is a great mentor, coach and friend. He fills all these roles with a down to earth style and ease. I often seek his advice and opinion, and he always manages to provide insightful and valuable propositions.

- Vito H. Martin, Real Estate Marketing Expert
vito h. martin
matic hudournik

If there is only one Zoran's strength I would have to point out, it is his tenacious drive for perfection in everything he does. If you get the chance to work with Zoran, you can consider yourself lucky and expect nothing but the best from him.

- Matic Hudournik, Business Consultant

My Story

Even as a young boy I aspired to become great. I dreamed big. Something my family members would confirm. “I will succeed or monumentally fail,” I would say.

It seems funny now, as on my path I failed a lot. At the time, I did not know that success and failure are all but tied together. I learned, gained experience and turned each of my failures into a win.

As a teenager I helped my father with his construction business. But it was during my graduate years, when the business side of my life really took off.

I joined a couple of associations and student business groups at our University. On the way, I met some remarkable people that I will stay friends forever. I learned so much from each and every one of them. I am thankful they are a part of my life-long voyage.

After everything I've put into different projects and organizations, opening my own business came like a natural step forward. Together with Rok Haluzan and Nejc Slovnik, I co-founded POINT OUT, a digital marketing agency, in 2013.

Now, I have the pleasure to work with some of the biggest brands such as A1, Aquafresh, BMW, BTC City, Cedevita, Cisco, Gorenjka, GlaxoSmithKline, Peugeot, Sensodyne, and STIHL.

I always knew I wouldn't conform to a 9-5 job.

In fact, for a long time, I thought being an entrepreneur is my passion. Building something from nothing. Creating a business and scaling it to something bigger than myself. That was the dream, right?


What I realized over the years is the true importance of passion. It's not about just building anything. It's about building something meaningful, something you truly care about.

Because chasing the dollar is never as fulfilling as making a living out of what you genuinely love to do.

Feeling stuck, searching for a meaning, waking up tired, hating everything you did that day, wishing you didn't get out of bed in the first place... I've been there. I've done it. I've felt it.

It wasn't until I started asking myself the right questions, that I finally realized... The only time I would have success was when I did what I loved.

Let me get something straight. I'm not suggesting that passion alone will build your business. You need to have a market, solve people's problems, build systems, put in the hours...

Here's where I can help you out. This site is filled with all the tools, tips, and tactics you need to be able to start, run, support and grow your business.

Because one of the things I’m passionate about is sharing my knowledge and experiences, and just helping others who might find my advice useful. It’s the thing that makes my heart sing.

I've built this website for online entrepreneurs to use it as a catalyst for the growth of their business. Essentially, I've built this website for you.

~ Zoran Bosancic

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