How to Follow Through on Your Goals and Stay Motivated

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I know… We are way past the beginning of the year when you make New Year’s resolutions and the internet is flooded with this kind of posts.

But tell me, are you still sticking to yours?

Are you setting goals but constantly find yourself not reaching them?

One thing I often hear from fellow entrepreneurs is, “I can’t seem to follow through on my goals”.

Why is it so hard for you to follow through on your goals? How can some people stick to their goals, while others lose strength?

Read on as I share some tips on how to follow through on your goals and stay motivated.

Be Honest with Yourself

If you don’t know what to do, how are you going to do it? Before you even start setting your goals you need to a) be honest about what you want and b) get clear on what needs to be done.

You need to make sure the goals you’ll be setting are in line with your vision of your desired destination. Will the goals help you reach what you’re ultimately trying to reach? Are the goals helping you on the way of following your passion? Do you want to do this, or do you have to do it? Get to the heart of what it is you really want and embrace it.

To know what needs to be done is essential. That’s why you need to set your goals as clear as possible. Gather information on how to achieve your goals and brainstorm possible action steps.

Remember, if you’re setting your goals for the wrong reasons (because others are doing it, or because you’ve read it’s fun to do it), you won’t be motivated. The desire to take action is much stronger when the motivation comes from your heart.

Get over Your Fears

Fear just might be the number one obstacle to following through with your goals. You’ll never get confident enough by waiting. Confidence is gained by reaching your goals.

This is the time when you give yourself a pep-talk that will get you to take action.

Embrace the “just do it” approach. Your fears may never go away. But that shouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. Fear can bring out the best of your problem-solving skills. You got this far, didn’t you?

Take One Bite at a Time

Your goals might sometimes feel impossible to reach. That’s because you look at them as being big and chunky. But if you slice them into smaller pieces and make a step-by-step action plan, they won’t feel that impossible anymore.

It’s easier with objectives than with goals because you’re operating with numbers.

For example, you could set yourself an objective to reach 12,000 subscribers in a year. Now, 12,000 might seem a huge number, but if you break it down that means a 1,000 per month, or approx. 230 per day.

It’s a bit trickier but you can also break down your goals into different tasks and sub-tasks. Try the backward approach from the big goal to smaller goals that will help you meet the main goal.

Tweak Your Habits

Habits are so powerful in getting things done. When you develop a habit, you’re no longer spending time on making those little decisions that get in the way of making progress.

I write my blog posts on the same day at the same time every week. That’s a habit I’ve developed. It made writing a routine task.

Learning new habits is a huge part of making lasting changes in your life and reaching your goals.

Just make sure you develop goal supporting habits. Because habits can also be destructive – actively working against you. Once you’ve developed a habit, it’s extremely hard to remove it.

Are there old habits pulling you back and weakening your motivation?

Get People to Hold You Accountable

Sometimes your inner pressure isn’t strong enough. Have you ever set yourself a goal to write every week or to learn five new skills but your inner drive just wasn’t strong enough for you to follow through on your goals?

I won’t lie. It happened to me. In fact, it happens to a lot of people.

That’s the best time to reach out to others to hold you accountable.

Find people who share similar struggles, who can relate to your goals. It can be your friend, your partner, your coach, or members of a mastermind group. They will help you stay on track and keep your motivation levels high when you’re down.

Accountability creates positive external pressure. You won’t want to let your accountability partner down, and that’s just something you might need to follow through on your goals.

Ignore the Haters

Remember one thing.

There will always be people who’ll think you’re crazy. They’ll say you cannot do it and will probably even want you to fail.

I’m talking about the so-called haters, the naysayers. They’ll always have an opinion, always something to say.

But hey, who asked them? You don’t have to justify your goals to anyone.

All sorts of people think they know you. But let me get one thing straight.

They don’t.

They only know a small superficial part of you. They think they know what you should do but in fact, they don’t.

Don’t let others keep you down and prevent you from following through on your goals.

Savor Your Success

Always take the time to celebrate your accomplishments.

Even the small ones. It’s hard to commit to new habits and to reach goals, and you should enjoy the success. Remind yourself why are you putting in the hard work.

Celebrating your accomplishments builds positive memories. When you’re just chasing a goal after goal and not enjoying success, you’ll only remember the bad things. Everything that went wrong, the sleepless nights and stressful situations. But when you take a breather and think about what you’ve just accomplished, you’ll be building a positive memory bank.

Are you taking the time to enjoy your wins?

To recap…

So there you have it. These are my 7 tips to follow through on your goals and stay motivated.

You have some ideas on how to crush your goals, now try them in practice.

And to create some positive external pressure…

Take a moment and share one goal you will achieve this year in the comments below!

Zoran Bosancic

Written by Zoran Bosancic

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  1. Nice read. I love your quote: “There will always be people who’ll think you’re crazy”. 🙂
    Looking forward for your next one.

    1. I really appreciate you saying that—thank you, Matt! 🙂

  2. Love this article! As a life coach, I teach similar tips to my clients, especially the one about reaching out for support. haha! Great post.

    1. Thanks, Leighann, much appreciated. For various reasons we sometimes hesitate to reach out, but I agree it’s often essential in making the next step.

  3. Love these tips- accountability is such a huge part of this as well like you said. One of my big goals this year is to generate substantial income from my blog. Always love your posts!

    1. Thanks, Alissia—I appreciate that. Knowing how much value you give to your audience, I feel you’ll have no problem reaching your goal. Wish you all the best!

  4. Awesome post. Keep up the awesome work and sharing these kind of tips.

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